Smile Gallery

Below are before and after photos from real life patients who have successfully and truly achieved the 'smile of their dreams'. These patients like you, took the first step and enhanced not only their lives but also their self-confidence. Their smiles speak volumes now, shouldn't yours? Take your time and review the pictures below and see what we have accomplished for others and what we can accomplish for you. Visit our contact page to make your first step to your perfect smile.

I will update this page 1 case at a time. There will be examples of aesthetic front crowns, implants and much more. Down the road, I will take photos of really broken down teeth with silver fillings in them. I will demonstrate how everyday we transform them into beautiful teeth using a tooth colored filling to restore. I have placed a brief narrative below each photo to briefly depict what is happening.


The two front teeth are severely tipped inward in the middle. The patient desired aesthetic crowns to fix this and make the smile natural with smooth flowing form and proper color.

The two front teeth were conservatively prepared with diamond burs reducing their size enough to place beautiful crowns on them. If the teeth are under-prepared, then the crowns will look thick, fake and bulky.

The two final crown were cemented and the bite was adjusted to feel natural and proper. Normally the tissue at the collar of the teeth is red upon delivery. This photo was taken 1 week later at a post-operative visit.

The white filling you can see on this tooth is loose due to decay. 3 teeth need to be crowned for this reason in the front of the mouth. The 2 teeth left untouched for the time being were the 2 front teeth. 3 teeth surrounding the front teeth are to be changed, 2 on the left and 1 on the right. The 2 front teeth with be crowned in either 2011 or 2012.

In this photo, one can see the 2 teeth to the left of the front teeth and the one to the right have been prepared for crowns. This case was due to decay and was not originally cosmetic in nature. But as one knows, any work in the front of the mouth is cosmetic. Our job was to match the surrounding teeth as best as we could knowing that the 2 front teeth would follow in subsequent years.

In this photo, the 2 front teeth will be prepared in subsequent years when the decay surrounding the fillings on them is large enough to warrant a change in both teeth. One can see the amazing blend of color used to create a natural smile. Once again the 2 teeth left of the 2 front teeth and 1 right have been crowned.

This patient lost tooth #7. This is a lateral incisor. Options to fix are an implant with an abutment and crown, removal partial denture or a bridge connecting the teeth adjacent to the space with an extra tooth. The patient opted for a bridge in this case.

This is another view point of the missing tooth. The crown on each tooth adjacent to the space was removed. The teeth were prepared with edges under the gum line and an aesthetic bridge was delivered in the next photo.

This photo shows the patient's smile after the final bridge was delivered. As this patient returns for routine cleanings, we will obtain more photos to show the margins of the prosthetic in the mouth.

This patient lost his left canine (i-tooth). On the right in the photo, one can see a healing screw in the gums. This is his left canine. In these photos, always remember the patient is looking at us. As mentioned in the photos above, the same treatment options are available to fill the space. This patient chose an implant.

The healing screw was removed from the implant and an aesthetic abutment (post that screws into the implant which is up in the bone under the gums) was placed. This is a custom abutment allowing the final tooth to be created, molded and shaped properly to look natural based on the curvature and formation of the natural surrounding teeth.

Above one can see the final crown which is cemented permanently onto the white abutment in the previous photo. We always use digital photography with a shade swatch to demonstrate to our ceramist the exact color desired for the tooth.

This patient broke a tooth and it needed to be removed. The patient was given the same options to fix the space as the 2 previous cases above. Since there was decay on the crowns behind the tooth, a cantilever bridge was the treatment selected.

In 1 appointment, the bad tooth was removed, the crowns on the 2 teeth behind the space were removed and cleaned up. A temporary bridge was delivered so the patient would not leave with a missing tooth.

This photo shows the final bridge which matches the neighboring teeth in a natural manner. The patient was very pleased with the overall outcome of this case.